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The NBA Draft should be on point tomorrow night. As many as 10 point guards could be taken in the first round and although none appear to be as complete as last year's No. 1, Derrick Rose, the combination of quantity and teams in need make this a point guard draft. Here's how The Post sees it:

1 CLIPPERS Blake Griffin, PF, 6-10, Oklahoma Congratulations and welcome to the worst franchise in pro sports.

2 Grizzlies Hasheem Thabeet, C, 7-3, Connecticut When your centers are named Marc Gasol, Darko Milicic, Hamed Haddadi, Chris Mihm - you draft a center.

3 Thunder Tyreke Evans, G, 6-5, Memphis Team him with last year's No.1 - Russell Westbrook - and you've got a backcourt for the future.

4 Kings Ricky Rubio, PG, 6-4, Spain He likes the Kings and the Kings are still trying to believe they like Rubio. He could slide.

5 WIZARDS Jordan Hill, PF, 6-10, Arizona With a healthy Gilbert Arenas joining Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, the perimeter is fine. Deal with T'wolves for this pick was pending last night.

6 Timberwolves Stephen Curry, PG, 6-3, Davidson Current point guards are Kevin Ollie, Sebastian Telfair and Bobby Brown.

7 WARRIORS Jrue Holiday, PG, 6-4, UCLA Golden State never recovered from Baron Davis' getaway and someone has to break the Knicks' hearts on draft night.

8 Knicks Gerald Henderson, SG, 6-5, Duke He played for Mike Krzyzewski and Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni is one of Coach K's Team USA assistants.

9 RAPTORS James Harden, SG, 6-5, ASU They better get Chris Bosh some immediate help or lose him for sure after the 2009-10 season.

10 BUCKS Brandon Jennings, PG, 6-1, Italy He says he's better than Rubio and he'd probably say he's better than Ramon Sessions and Luke Ridnour.

11 Nets Earl Clark, PF, 6-10, Louisville This pick hinges on the status of Vince Carter, who's been on the trading block since the invention of fire.

12 BOBCATS DeMar DeRozan, SG, 6-5, USC We acknowledge a marriage of DeRozan and Larry Brown could make for a quick DeVorce.

13 PACERS DeJuan Blair, PF, 6-7, Pitt They must get a bruiser to play alongside last year's #1, Roy Hibbert.

14 SUNS Jonny Flynn, PG, 6-1, Syracuse Steve Nash can't play forever and Flynn will be a willing and smart student.

15 PISTONS James Johnson, PF, 6-8, Wake Forest Rasheed Wallace and Antonio McDyess are free agents.

16 Bulls Jeff Teague, PG, 6-2, Wake Forest Chicago is looking to move Kirk Hinrich, which means Derrick Rose needs a backup younger than Lindsay Hunter.

17 76ERS Eric Maynor, PG, 6-3, VCU Philly's got the nucleus of a good young team, which means PG Andre Miller doesn't fit in the long run.

18 Timberwolves B.J. Mullins, C, 7-1, Ohio State They got their PG in Curry, now they get insurance for Al Jefferson's surgericallyrepaired knee.

19 HAWKS Patty Mills, PG, 6-1, St. Mary's Atlanta has a good young team that needs a good young point guard behind Mike Bibby.

20 JAZZ Tyler Hansbrough, PF, 6-10, North Carolina The NBA should impose a rule: Hansbrough must play for Jerry Sloan.

21 HORNETS Sam Young, SF, 6-7, Pitt Hate to use the word steal, but the thought of Chris Paul now having this scorer on the wing is a theft.

22 MAVERICKS Ty Lawson, PG, 6-1, UNC In Mark Cuban's world, it's always about winning now, but with Jason Kidd it's now or never.

23 Kings Austin Daye, SF, 6-11, Gonzaga At the end of the day the Kings might feel better about this pick than Rubio.

24 TRAILBLAZERS DaJuan Summers, SF, 6-9, Georgetown Portland continues to gather as much talent around Greg Oden as possible.

25 Thunder Terrence Williams, SG, 6-6, Louisville Evans, Westbrook and Williams gives Oklahoma City terrific athleticism and flexibility.

26 Bulls Derrick Brown, PF, 6-9, Xavier Two things we learned from the epic series with Boston: Chicago is a force and Joakim Noah needs help on the boards.

27 Grizzlies Chase Budinger, SF, 6-7, Arizona Gives Memphis a swing guy behind O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay.

28 Timberwolves Wayne Ellington, SG, 6-4, North Carolina They should never get over trading away KG, but this draft helps ease a lifetime of pain.

29 LAKERS Danny Green, SG, 6-5, North Carolina Not only will he have to carry bags, he'll have to defend Kobe in practice. But he's in Titletown.

30 CAVS Toney Douglas, SG, 6-2, Florida State He will thrive with LeBron getting him the ball; LeBron will actually have someone to get the ball to - what a concept.

Tomorrow, ESPN, 7 p.m.

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: June 25, 2009


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