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News » Hornets' win over Jazz proves their mettle

Hornets' win over Jazz proves their mettle

Hornets' win over Jazz proves their mettle

Game Time: Hornets 110, Jazz 98

In the dogfight that characterizes the battle for optimum playoff seedings in the West, this game was fraught with significance.


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My co-guests were Anita Cabana, a sagging musical comedienne whose specialty was imitating Carmen Miranda. "A star of stage, screen and radio ... the always lovely ... the always delightful ..."

"Oh, Cho! Hue are so cute! For the nex' six days I am play-yink at the Golden Hind uptown on Willis Avenue. I do all the old favorites."

Sitting beside me was a young man in a Jimmy Durante costume — replete with silly hat, bozo bow tie and plastic schnozz.

"And our third guest," Franklin enthused, "is Charley Rosen, who has written A Mile Above the Rim." Expertly, Franklin held the book at the proper angle for a closeup.

"One of the all-time great sports novels by a truly great writer. I urge all my good friends out there in videoland to go out and buy A Mile Above the Rim. That's A Mile Above the Rim. We'll be right back after these important messages."

When the red eye of the camera blinked off, Franklin blew his nose and said, "Good! Good!" Then he rubbed his hands together like a fidgeting housefly. "This is going to be a truly wonderful show."

"Co! Ju know, I am appear-ink for the New Jeer's Eve at the Pink Flamingo in, how you say, Bed-Stay?"

"Ha, ha!" said Franklin. "That's terrific! Let's use that when we come back! What a great show!"

Bizzaro Durante's nose was secured around his head with an elastic cord. During the intermission, he yanked on his ersatz honker, saying, "I can't breathe under this damn thing! What a way to make a living!"

When my turn came, Franklin promptly asked me who would win the NBA championship, and cagily, I answered, "I'm just rooting for triple overtime of the final series."

"We'll be right back, my friends, right after this."

Franklin sipped from a glass of water, but the pseudo-Durante said, "My mouth gets dry and I can't drink or I'll ruin my makeup."

It turned out that the real Durante was hospitalized with pneumonia, so his double sang Inka Dinka Doo — "Just for you, Jimmy."

When the camera winked again, Franklin twitched with glee: "Great! Great! Only five more minutes to fill! This is one of the truly wonderful shows! But what'll we do next?"

"Cho! In three weeks I am play-yink in Chursey City!"

"We'll go with it! I love it! What a truly wonderful show! One of my best ever!"

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: March 2, 2008


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