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News » Court Awareness: Sunday Review 2009-01-26

Court Awareness: Sunday Review 2009-01-26

Court Awareness: Sunday Review 2009-01-26
It's one thing if a bad NBA team gets blown out by a superior one.

Bad teams are usually devoid of the type of talent needed to compete with the very best the league has to offer. Besides that, bad teams are usually very young and don't understand the details needed to give a team a competitive edge on the court. Or bad teams are crippled with injuries and are forced to play lesser players.

However, none of those three describe the Dallas Mavericks, making their performance in their 124-100 loss to the Boston Celtics an absolute joke. Unlike bad teams, the Mavericks have no excuses.

What did the Mavericks do wrong?


Why is Josh Howard giving separation to Ray Allen before Allen starts running through off-ball screens? Once you give a player six inches, it's already too late, especially against a team that screens as well as Boston does. All Allen had to do was run to spots, catch, turn, shoot, and stroll back on defense.

That's the kind of detail-deficient mistake you expect to see from high school, college, and young NBA players, not a six-year vet like Howard.

Bleacher Report

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Rockets New Deck Comes Up Aces

The Houston Rockets shuffled Yao out of their lineup, and shuffled Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest back in.

Whatever the combination, the Rockets are winning, as their 108-105 victory over Detroit was their seventh in their last nine games.

Even though Houston's offense sputtered late with a number of empty one-on-one trips, their 3-point shooting was superb, as the Rockets went 12-of-25 from downtown for the duration.

Detroit struggled defensively, and even when they picked it up late, they allowed three Rockets offensive rebounds culminating in a McGrady driving layup with 1:10 to play that gave Houston a six point lead they wouldn't relinquish.

And because Detroit's offense flowed best when Rodney Stuckey was breaking down Houston's smaller point guard duo of Rafer Alston and Aaron Brooks (eight points, four assists in the fourth quarter), and Rip Hamilton was curling around off-ball screens, Allen Iverson only played the first minute of the fourth quarter. No surprise that Detroit only allowed 16 points the rest of the way.


  • Phoenix came up with a much-needed defensive effort against the Hawks, holding Atlanta to 99 points on 42 percent shooting in a 104-99 win. Shaq continued to make a case for the All-Star Game with 19 points on 7-of-9 shooting, and 11 rebounds. He's been the best player for the Suns this season, consistently drawing double teams and punishing single teams from the post.

  • Sacramento continues to throw its name in the hat for worst team in the league, losing to the Raptors 113-97. At least the Thunder and Timberwolves have a plan to play a whole bunch of youngsters and build for the future. At least the Clippers had a plan of signing and trading for a bunch of selfish, overhyped, but talented veterans in the hopes of making the playoffs -- a flawed plan, but a plan nonetheless. What has been the Kings' plan this season, and what is their plan for the future? Kevin Martin isn't a franchise player, and the team has too many project youngsters and over-the-hill veterans. What a decrepit franchise.

  • Kudos to the Pacers for starting to win some close games, this time, 98-93 over Charlotte. With the Nets a question mark, and the Bucks receiving crippling news about Michael Redd missing the rest of the year, Charlotte and Indiana still have fighting chances of making the playoffs. Indiana took one step further behind Danny Granger's 27 point performance, while Charlotte could have used more than 10 points and 1-of-8 shooting from Gerald Wallace in the defeat.

  • The resurgent Timberwolves carved up Chicago from the inside out in a 109-108 overtime victory. Al Jefferson and Kevin Love combined for 58 points on 24-of-40 shooting to bulldozer Chicago.

  • The Nuggets took a huge step in winning the Northwest Division by blasting the Jazz 117-97. When the Nuggets are focused, they create so much chaos that they force their opponents out of their comfort zones. They forced Utah into 40 percent shooting and 19 turnovers and cruised in the fourth quarter.

  • The Warriors beat the Clippers' D-League team 107-92 behind 20 points from Corey Maggette. The youngsters are playing hard for Los Angeles, but the veterans gave up ages ago. There are rumors circulating that Baron Davis is healthy enough to play but is simply relaxing while his team spirals into oblivion without him. While rumors are only rumors, Davis tanked in Charlotte so it won't surprise anyone if he's tanking in Los Angeles.

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  • Author: Fox Sports
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    Added: January 26, 2009


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