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News » Collison loving Seattle

Collison loving Seattle

Collison loving Seattle
Nick Collison gushes about his adopted hometown, raving about how great it is, telling how much fun he has and wondering why anyone would live anywhere else.

Yep, the Thunder big man sure does love Seattle.

That much is obvious from his Twitter account.

Collison is back in Seattle this summer, and he's been having a virtual lovefest over his off-season home on the social networking site. There have been tweets about the weather and the activities, the sites and the sounds, the beauty and the grandeur.

If you didn't know better, you'd think he was cashing checks from the King County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Sure, the folks in the Thunder front office love it, too.

That one of the team's veterans is talking up the city that fought the franchise tooth and nail can't be all that popular. But before anyone gets any crazy ideas - Twitter bans have become all the rage in the sports world, after all - the Thunder's top brass needs to remember one thing.

Collison's right.

Seattle is a great place.

Truth be told, it's one of the best American cities. It has culture, character and charm. Seattle isn't as big or as glitzy as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami, but none of them are less than two hours from the beach and the mountains.

And during the summer, it is absolutely beautiful there.

The locals don't like to publicize that. They'd like to have everyone believe that it's always cloudy and rainy there. No better way to keep folks from moving there.

But starting in May and running into September, it's sunny and warm and amazing.

Think San Diego.

Any surprise Collison posted on his Twitter account a week or so ago, "Wondering why anyone would choose to live anywhere else"?

Remember, too, this is a guy who grew up in Iowa. That's a place where snow is measured by the foot and a temperature above freezing in the winter is considered a Heat wave.

You don't know the true meaning of the words "wind chill" until you've experienced it in Iowa.

Everyone from that neck of the woods should be so lucky to spend the summer in Seattle.

Now, has Collison taken a couple shots at his other adopted hometown, Oklahoma City? No doubt about it.

Last month during one of our scorching Heat waves: "105 degrees in okc today???? sounds nice."

A few weeks before that while in town for workouts: "Its so damn hot here."

He's right about that, too. It is hot here during the summer.

Not everyone in the sports world, though, is excited about the honesty and the openness of Twitter. A couple weeks ago, the NFL decided that players and coaches wouldn't be allowed to tweet during business hours. Then, ESPN issued a memo prohibiting tweeting unless it served the network. That same day, almost a dozen NFL teams prohibited reporters from tweeting during open practices.

It would be a shame if the Thunder followed suit. At least half a dozen players have Twitter accounts, and most of them regularly answer the question "What are you doing?" in 140 characters or less.

A couple weeks ago, James Harden took his dog shopping. Last week, Thabo Sefolosha scored 16 points for the Swiss national team. Over the weekend, Russell Westbrook hung out in Los Angeles with Kyle Weaver while Kevin Durant played pick-up ball in Washington, D.C.

No Thunder player on Twitter is funnier than Collison.

On July 23: done with softball. Went yard first at bat (99 problems but a pitch aint one) then popped up everytime tryin' to do it again

On July 14: When will the make "MTV Cribs foreclosure edition"?

On July 2: Bad day for the Dow. Maybe I shouldn't have bought that iced out chain with the huge diamond encrusted medallion of my face last night

Collison is a cerebral dude with a dry sense of humor, and on Twitter, that personality comes through. It is evident. It is real. We don't always get to see that from professional athletes.

Twitter might reveal a side of some athletes that we'd rather not see, but in Collison's case, I don't like him less for raving about Seattle's ambiance and complaining about Oklahoma City's Heat.

I like him more.

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: August 13, 2009


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