Central preview: Cavs should run away with title

He never was an outstanding rebounder or defender, but as he ages Shaq's performances in these areas will be even further diminished.

The psychological fragility of West.

Because none of these guys can shoot, the Cavs would be at a considerable disadvantage if they attempted to play any tandem of Shaq, Powe and Varejao.

There was a palpable arrogance that pervaded last season's team that could be equally as fateful if it lingers.

Prognosis: Primed for a serious run to dethrone the Lakers. This time, the Cavs will have no legitimate excuses should they fail.

Detroit Pistons

Strengths: Nobody plays better off the ball to develop his shots than Rip Hamilton.

Tayshaun Prince's long-armed defense.

Ben Gordon is a creative scorer par excellence, especially in the clutch.

Strengths: Michael Redd's ability to put shots up and in.

The savvy passing of Andrew Bogut.

The potentially explosive scoring capabilities of Hakim Warrick.

The versatility of Charlie Bell.

Kurt Thomas and his tough interior defense.

Milwaukee's blue-chip rookie, Brandon Jennings, is as fast and as quick as any of his peers.

On the bench, Scott Skiles makes the Energizer Bunny look somnolent.

Weaknesses: Jennings is young. Very young.

Carlos Delfino is a mistake player.

Bogut is slow and a poor defender.

Beyond old, Thomas is ancient.

Warrick is wild and undisciplined, and as such will be no help in domesticating Jennings.

Milwaukee's only dependable point-maker is Redd.

Prognosis: It's hard to envision Milwaukee's equaling last season's total of 34 wins.

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: October 13, 2009