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Brand has surgury
Brand has surgury
Brand has surgury
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  • Gerald Wallace is almost a complete player. He can post up, and his wristy jumper is surprisingly accurate from mid- and long-range. He can also attack the hoop with zeal, which is why the Bobcats run so many isolation plays for him. Plus, he's an ace defender.

  • Jared Dudley is a good-looking youngster, who can play exceptional deny defense, chase down loose balls and hit his share of standstill jumpers.

  • D.J. Augustin is a blue-chip rookie with speed to spare, who's a bull's-eye shooter as well.

  • Jason Richardson can be a dynamic scorer.

  • Raymond Felton is a better shooting guard than point guard. A reliable passer, Felton can also fill the basket from near and far.

  • Emeka Okafor is a more than adequate post-up defender and an outstanding rebounder.

  • On offense, the Bobcats look to push the ball, but if they can't develop an easy shot, they'll go into a grind-it-out mode. Moreover, their all-around hustle and unselfishness is commendable.

  • On defense, they try to deny virtually every pass, gang up on ball penetration and storm the glass.

  • For a youngish team, they show incredible resilience.

  • Overall, they're a well-coached ball club. Credit Brown for that.

    NBA roundup

    Wednesday's action

    • Stoudemire scores 49 in Suns' win
    • Pistons stay unbeaten without Iverson
    • Spurs' Parker puts up 55 in 2OT win
    • Hawks shock Hornets, now 3-0
    • Knicks spoil Larry Brown's return
    • Wade, Heat steamroll Sixers
    • Celtics put clamps on Thunder
    • LeBron's 41 carry Cavs over Bulls
    • Bucks rally, beat Wizards in OT
    • Jazz 4-0 after holding off Blazers
    • Martin pushes Kings past Grizzlies
    • Jackson, Warriors overcome Nuggets
    • Lakers' 22-0 run sinks Clippers analysis

    • Kahn: Spurs not aging gracefully
    • Rosen: Nets are a lot of nothing
    • Galinsky: NBA power rankings
    • Hill: Pistons gambling on Iverson


    • Opening week action
    • Celtics celebrate 17th title

    A few years later I learned firsthand that Bavetta was indeed a jerk: Bavetta was addressing a preseason meeting of the CBA's coaches to go over some new rules and new interpretations of some old rules. When he was finished, he asked for questions.

    It seems that several of my players had been complaining for years about some of the CBA refs' after-game activities. Given the relatively small cities that hosted CBA franchises, there weren't many appropriate nightclubs and bars to choose from where the players could party after the games. Those refs who were likewise interested in the same nocturnal pursuits were faced with the same limitations and subsequently frequented the very same venues.

    Given all the available alcohol and female companionship, there were bound to be rivalries and confrontations between the players and the refs. Edgy faceoffs that the players swore subsequently influenced the refs' on-court judgment.

    So I brought the subject to Bavetta's attention, emphasizing that it was never a healthy situation whenever refs and players tried to romance the same women. Didn't Bavetta think it would be best if the CBA refs were prohibited from frequenting these venues?Bavetta's response was to start laughing. "What's the matter, Charley? One of the refs got a girl you were after?"

    Everybody joined in the laughter, and that was the end of that.

    Early in the subsequent season, one of my players moaned when he saw that a certain ref was working the game. "Charley," the player said, "last week that guy was drooling all over the girl I was with at a club in Tampa Bay, and I had to get up in his face to make him go away. I'm telling you, man, it's gonna be payback time."

    Sure enough, after the player merely shook his head after the ref tooted him for a charge that clearly should have been a block, two back-to-back toots signified a pair of technical fouls and banishment.

    "What did I tell you, Charley?" the player said as he headed for the locker room.

    The other team converted both techs, and we eventually lost the game by one point.

    Thanks, Dick.

    Author: Fox Sports
    Author's Website:
    Added: November 6, 2008

  • News » Brown's Bobcats aren't that bad, or are they?

    Brown's Bobcats aren't that bad, or are they?

    Brown's Bobcats aren't that bad, or are they?

    Game Time: Knicks 101, Bobcats 98

    Larry Brown's return to Madison Square Garden wasn't a successful one. But there are several reasons why his new team isn't quite as bad as it's supposed to be. For example:

    Charley's NBA tour

    Charley RosenDuring the first half of the season,'s Charley Rosen will analyze each NBA team and offer a scouting report.
    • Phoenix Suns
    • Houston Rockets
    • Philadelphia 76ers
    • New Jersey Nets
    • Charlotte Bobcats
    • Next: Kings (Friday vs. Wolves)


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